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The application of scientific skills and knowledge for the benefit of society

Knowledge and Skills

  • Capable of independently guiding a scientific analysis from concept to publication
  • Productive in both small groups and very large, international collaborations
  • Able to present scientific results accurately, clearly, and concisely
  • Experience writing grant proposals
  • Experience with the analysis of very large data sets using advanced multivariate analysis
  • An expert on the statistical interpretation of small signals
  • An expert on the computer simulation of detectors
  • Experience with data acquisition and reconstruction software for particle detectors
  • A working knowledge of all types of particle detector hardware
  • A proficient software programmer with knowledge of object-oriented design


Ph.D., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1994

B.S., Physics, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 1987


  • Authored eight peer-reviewed journal publications
  • Privileged to have mentored seven graduate students
  • Productive member of several major international high-energy physics collaborations
  • Journal referee for IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science and the American Physical Society

Computer Experience

  • Proficient in c, c++, FORTRAN, JavaScript, Perl, Python, SQL, and x86 assembly
  • Extensive experience with web development, including client programming using HTML, Ajax/DHTML, CSS, SVG, and server programming using Apache/CGI/WSGI, CherryPy, Django, Python, Perl, and SQL
  • University courses in software development, software design, data structures, Pascal, LISP, and VMS MACRO
  • Experience with Sinclair, Atari, Apple II, PL/11, MS-DOS, MacOS 9, MacOS X, VAX/VMS, IBM VM, Aix, Ultrix, Irix, Solaris, OS-9, Redhat/Ubuntu/OpenSUSE Linux, and Windows NT and XP platforms
  • Experience with cluster computing, run-time environments, embedded computer systems, and data acquisition with camac, VME, and Fastbus standards
  • A developer of simulation, reconstruction, alignment, and pattern recognition algorithms for a variety of particle detector systems

Professional Experience

Director, Research and Development, Verseon, Fremont, CA 2011–Present

Responsible for managing Verseon’s R&D efforts, including planning and hiring.

Scientist, Verseon, Fremont, CA 2006–2011

Contributed to the development and testing of Verseon’s computational drug-discovery platform. Responsible for the continued development and maintenance of the corporate virtual compound library. Assisted in Verseon’s drug development programs as needed.

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 1994–2006

Contributed to the search for SUSY using signatures associated with missing energy as a member of the ATLAS Collaboration. Explored various topics in Charm physics, such as D0 mixing and charm spectroscopy, as a member of the BaBar Collaboration. Served as co-convener of the BaBar Charm Analysis Working Group. Developed the BaBar Geant4 detector simulation. Explored topics in proton computed tomography as a member of the pCT Collaboration. Explored various topics in diffraction, deep-inelastic scattering, and exotic physics as a member of the ZEUS Collaboration. Helped commission and operate the LPS and BPT detector subsystems of ZEUS.

Lecturer in Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 2000

Organized and taught the graduate course Introduction to Particle Physics.

Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 1987–1994

Spearheaded the study of the left-right forward-backward asymmetry of b and c quarks as a member of the SLD Collaboration. Designed and implemented the tracking pattern recognition algorithm. Organized, revamped, and commissioned both the online and offline software for the WIC subsystem of the SLD. Developed particle identification algorithms and a fast-shower simulation.

Research Associate, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 1983–1985

Helped construct the hadron calorimeter of the E-706 Experiment on site at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Talks And Publications

Academic information is available separately: http://slashdave.com/static/documents/cv.pdf


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