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Physics News
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Computers and the Internet
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Mathematics and Algorithms

Nothing makes a physics geek smile more than online, on demand solutions to integrals.

If you do any numerical computation, you probably know about Numerical Recipes. But, did you know that they are now available online?

Biotech News

AP The science news feed from the Associated Press.
news@nature Online news from Nature magazine.
Slashdot Recent science news and public commentary from Slashdot.
Digg Publically submitted science news from the Digg.
Reddit Publically submitted science news from Reddit.
Biospace Breaking news from www.biospace.com.
Reuters Health news from Reuters.
Lifesciencesworld News headlines from www.lifesciencesworld.com.
Medical News Today Medical news from www.medicalnewstoday.com
Biochemistry (and select sub-catagories.)
Clinical Trials

Physics News

What's New Weekly commentary from Bob Park.
FYI News feed from the American Institute of Physics (AIP).
Interactions Particle physics news from the national laboratories.
Cern Courier High-energy physics news from CERN.
physicsweb Physics news from the Institute of Physics.
Science Daily The Science Daily web magazine.
space.com Space news from space.com.
physorg.com Science and technology news from physorg.com.


You find still find some (not-quite official) STL references online.

It's a little buggy, but the DDD debugger is still a nice improvement over the plain command line of gdb.

Social Networking

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Computers and the Internet

Who doesn't love the Wikipedia?

A command line, gcc, X-windows, and first rate graphical applications. What is there not to like about Apple Computers? Already own a Mac? Check out macosxhints for tips and tricks.

The Ars Technica web site is a great place to read about and discuss the latest PC hardware.


Curiously enough, the best directory of short story publishers I have found on the web is in the Wikipedia.

If you are brave enough to submit your story to a publisher (and you should be!), make sure you use the correct format for your manuscripts.

Web Tools

These are free web services that everyone should take advantage of:

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A free and very cool web statistics service is available from statcounter.com.